Vote Every Time!

By John Yancy Odom, Ph.D.

At the funeral service for Mrs. Rosa Parks, Rev. Al Sharpton had powerful words for Black Americans:

It amazes me that we sit here acting like we don’t have work to do! They went to vote when people were threatening their lives… Pregnant women walked through the streets of Birmingham – they sic’d police dogs on them – to give us the right to vote. Four little girls bomb in a church… and here you are 40 years later… no dogs biting you, no bombs going off… too lazy and ungrateful… Nobody should have to beg you to vote!

Vote Every Time! is the first in the Old School Speaks Series by Dr. John Y. Odom. The Old School Speaks Series offers uncle-like advice from a civil right elder to younger, primarily Black, Americans. Vote Every Time! offers 18 reasons to vote every time, including:

  • We honor our ancestors with our vote
  • “Won’t vote” is worse than “Can’t vote”
  • Your vote is important
  • Voting is the least we can do.

Vote Every Time! also provides 18 steps to take to make it easier for others in low income communities to vote every time. Steps are placed in 3 groups – which are:

  1. Check Yourself
  2. Help Others
  3. Change the System.

Vote Every Time! shares quotes on voting by President Obama, Oprah, Rev. Al Sharpton, Whoopi Goldberg, Rev. Jesse Jackson and others.

Upcoming books will address the N-word; holding good programs; Tattoos, Prison Pants and Earrings.

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