No N-r please

22 Reasons to Stop Saying the N-Word in Public

By John Yancy Odom, Ph.D.

Some are still confused about the use of the N-word in public, but Dr. John Odom, also known as “Old School” isn’t confused. The N-word should have been dropped from public speech 50 years ago. At best it should be used only in private conversations between those who understand each other.

A chapter titled “Why I’m Still Black” was included in Dr. Odom’s 2002 book Saving Black America: An Economic Plan for Civil Rights. In it Odom shared 13 reasons why he prefers the name “Black” to the name “African American.” Who knew that more than a decade later there would be a need to write a book on why Black people shouldn’t call one another the N-word but here we are!

None of the derogatory names for White people or any other group – has stuck because no other group has had centuries of experience with being so deeply insulted by one word. Other groups have outlived their insults but not Black people because today Black people use the word most frequently.

Old School has coined and uses the term “N-r” instead of “the N-word” for reasons explained in the book. In No N-r Please: 22 Reasons to Stop, Old School provides 22 good reasons to stop saying N-r in public. The 22 reasons include discussions about: Black pride; role models for Black children; famous Black people and the word; trouble for White people; language creativity; N-r and the law; Black self-concept and more.

Old School hopes that this book will cause more people to think before uttering N-r in public. For those who are still using the term in public, it’s time to stop!

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