Give all kids a fighting chance

©John Y. Odom, Ph.D. and Joann Pritchett, R.N, Ph.D.

glovesMany would agree that child rearing or ‘raising a child’ is the most difficult job in the world. And the internet – where anything you do or don’t want to know, see or experience is within a few keystrokes – makes parenting much more challenging. (more…)

So, Commence!

©Dr. John Y. Odom, 2013

graduation-cap-diplomaYou graduated, congratulations! Have you thought about how strange it is that your graduation activities were called “commencement” ceremonies? “Commence” means “to begin.” Why would they call it a beginning when you are ending this stage of your education? It’s called “commencement” because you are just beginning – the next phase of your education or your life as an adult. So, what was it that you finished? You finished qualifying to begin. (more…)